Let the HugBlanket comfort both your mind and your body

Sleep Better

Helps you fall asleep fast and reduce nightime restlessness. Contributes to feelings of safety, creating a calm sensation that minimizes your movements for a better sleep.

Natural Healing

Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to encourage production of natural brain chemicals which promote feelings of safety, security and calm. They have the ability to create a relaxing environment for our mind and body, while reducing anxiety and stress. Weighted blankets have been recommended for many sensory input conditions to alleviate restlessness and increase mood, streamline focus and enable relaxation.


The HugBlanket helps relax the nervous system by simulating the Deep Pressure Receptors (DPRs) that we all have. When activated they create a loving relaxing environment for the body and mind, promoting feelings of safety, security, being grounded or simply cocooned in safe place. This is done by sewing small plastic poly pellets into 2" x 4" pocket sections throughout the blanket. Weighted blankets have been used to help settle children with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorders), ADHD and autism, and also to help with their focus. Individuals with PTSD or anxiety, restless leg syndrome, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, have benefited from the weighted blanket's therapeutic soothing sensation of feeling safe and secure.

Hand Made

A handmade blanket is a true gift. Each hugblanket I make is crafted with care. Your preferences for design (color, fabric, weight and density) are important to me. I usually use a white or cream-colored cotton to make the core of my blankets so it doesn't interfere with your color choice of the cover. The covers are constructed similar to a duvet cover for quick and easy removal for washing. They are fitted to the size of the core (approximately 3.5 feet by 6 feet) to maintain proper positioning when handling. My goal is to make your blanket feel personal while comforting and soothing. It is my pleasure to help you benefit from the unique effects of a weighted blanket while embracing your individual taste.

  • Request your color preference and refer to a favorite pattern found in my gallery, or ask me for ideas. I am happy to order fabric that I don't have in stock.
  • Drop off a preferred blanket or sheet and I will use it to make your hugblanket core or cover (and also reduce the price).
  • Request that your blanket be made with polyester batting fill added to each pocket - along with the pellets - to add thickness and warmth (although surface washing is easier when the pockets contain only the weighted pellets so adding this fill is not recommended if frequent washing is anticipated). Of note: a "pellets only" blanket creates a more contoured sensation of weighted therapeutic pressure.

Quality Materials

My hugblankets are constructed with high quality materials. The core inner layer is 100% cotton fabric for durability and stretch resistance. The poly pellets are 100% virgin pellets. Although they are medium-heat resistant, surface washing and hanging to dry is recommended to avoid damage to your washer or dryer. Only 100% cotton thread is used to avoid any stretch, and tight stitching ensures that no pellets transfer or shift from one pocket to another. The batting fill (if you request it) is new material only and 100% polyester down alternative.

  • Durable cotton fabric and cotton thread
  • Pocket contents made with new materials only
  • Tight stitching ensures no pellets transfer

Finished Product

Your weighted hugblanket is designed to work for you. The adult size of 6 feet by 3.5 feet, and child size of 5.5 feet by 3.5 feet, helps ensure the weighted pellets are focused on your body. It is also a convenient size for portability when using it on the couch or in the car. A lap blanket or travel blanket is also an option, measuring 3.5 feet by 3 feet; perfect for soothing comfort away from home or on the go. Machine washing and drying your blanket can be hard on your machines therefore surface washing is recommended. For added protection order a cover to go with your hugblanket for an additonal $20.

  • If you find that the hugblanket you ordered is too heavy or too light, return it in good condition and I will make you a new hugblanket that better meets your needs at no extra cost.
  • Shipping cost is approximately $30 - location considered.
  • Please feel welcome to request a test hugblanket to use for a week before you order one (depending on availability).


Weighted blankets are blankets that have pellets sewn into and throughout the blanket. This added weight activates the deep preassure receptors in our bodies. When these receptors receive input they create a lovely relaxing environment for the body and the mind, promoting a feeling of safety, security, feeling grounded and as if one is cocooned in a safe place.
Since weighted blankets activate the deep pressure receptors in all of us, the soothing benefits impact both physical and mental health. Some may like the way it stops drafts coming in around your body, and others require the sensory pressure to relax the mind. It has helped those with autism, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, dementia and other sensory ailments. They are used for sleep as well as during the day.
Padded pockets add thickness and warmth to the blankets. This is done by adding 100% polyester fill (similar to pillow battting) to each pocket, along with the weighted plastic pellets. It is a little more challenging to surface clean when there is padding so leaving the padding out is recommended if frequent washing is anticipated. An alternative option to padding the pockets is using a cover that is made from a padded comforter.
The pellets used for weight do not create or hold heat, therefore they are the perfect blanket for all seasons. Also, putting the blanket in the fridge or freezer before bed has also been popular for those who prefer cooler sleeping conditions.
Weighted blankets are costly so if they do not provide the therapeutic comfort you were seeking then I am happy to return your money and take your 'gently loved' blanket back. Alternatively, feel free to borrow a test hugblanket prior to making a purchase. After testing it out for a week you can then decide to either buy it, order one and swap out the tester, or just return the test blanket. It is understandable that products made to provide a soothing sleep or create a calming effect are uniquely individual and personal.
Turn around time for a hugblanket and cover is between 3-5 days (depending on volume of orders). Add a few extra days if I need to go shopping for your perfect fabric choice :)
No, but the cost is more difficult to predict if it's going outside Canada. Blankets I have mailed to the east and west coast of Canada have ranged from $20-60. The postal expense is added to the blanket with no additional add-ons.
The pictures in the gallery are mostly blankets that I have already constructed specially and sold. However I may still have it, or something similar in stock so feel free to mention one of the numbered gallery pictures within your order comments; I may even go shopping for you! Selecting a color prefence in the drop down options will also help me narrow down which fabrics to take a picture of and email to you for selection.


Choose the weight that's right for you

Every pound counts and contributes to the degree of therapeutic benefit. The weight of your hugblanket should be 10 percent of your ideal body weight. For example, if a person weighs 150 pounds but their ideal weight is closer to 130 pounds, then a 13-pound blanket is recommended. Using a blanket that is too heavy can also cause you to wake up as you try to move it during the night. Also of note, 20 pound blankets have been found to be too heavy and can interfere with comfortable breathing, so ordering a blanket according to a person's 'ideal' body weight is recommended.

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Light (6-10 lbs) $54-$90 ($9/lb)

  • Size 5.5 feet by 3.5 feet

Medium (11-15 lbs) $99-$135 ($9/lb)

  • Size 6 feet by 3.5 feet

Heavy (16-20 lbs) $144-$180 ($9/lb)

  • Size 6 feet by 3.5 feet

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